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Fintech App

This fintech app is an all-encompassing financial tool offering features like mobile banking, investment tracking, budgeting tools, and real-time financial advice. It's designed to empower users with complete control over their financial health in a seamless, integrated way.

About the client

The client was inspired by his traveling to China: there he met guys who produced IoT devices. When the client came to us, he had already had an idea and investments. We analyzed competitors, picked minimal required functionality, and thought out the core flow of the app.


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What's the challenge?

Creating a secure, reliable, and user-friendly app that simplifies complex financial data for users from various backgrounds and tech-savviness.

Trends& Features

Emerging trends include AI-based financial advice, biometric security, real-time transaction tracking, and personalized budgeting tools.


AI Financial Advisor

Offers personalized financial advice and investment strategies.


Flawless experience

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Real-Time Notifications

Instant alerts on transactions and account changes.


Biometric Security

Ensures top-notch security using fingerprint and facial recognition.


Customizable Budgeting

Users can create and track personalized budgets.

UI/UX design

The design system is built around clarity and ease of use, with a focus on simplifying financial data visualization and navigation.


Typography& Colors

We selected a professional, easy-to-read sans-serif font, combined with a color palette of calming blues and greens to evoke trust and stability.


Color Styles

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User Experience


Online Experience


Age Demographics 25-34
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